Examples of Humanities . . .                  Images


. . . going on an arts excursion. Humanities students at SF’s Civic Center, about to go in the Asian Art Museum.  Photo by friendly museum staffer.

HUMANITIES Experiences. . .

. . . enjoying     a walk in a park.

* Photos by Flora Carter, unless otherwise noted.

. . . looking at art, asking questions, writing about it,  sketching it.

MJC Humanities student at the Cantor Center for the Arts, Stanford University.

. . . trying things out.

This is a painting I did to study a detail from a 17th c. Dutch Still Life with Lemon, by Willem Kalf. 

. . . wanting      to be       Superman.

Painting by Mel Ramos, 1962. M.H. De Young Museum, S.F.

. . . playing and listening to music, enjoying songs, by yourself, or with friends. 

English instructors, Jim Beggs and Theron Westrope, practicing in the Arts Patio, East Campus.